Baltimore Child Abuse Center: Free Shirts
Project Info
Baltimore Child Abuse Center came to Storyfarm for a video to show at their annual gala. Storyfarm concepted the idea of a 'Free Shirts' stand placed in various locations around Baltimore, and filming reactions to the design on the shirts, reading 'Let's Talk About Child Sexual Abuse.'

My role in this as creative lead included designing and building a t-shirt stand, combing through all the footage and reactions, and forming a three part storyline that would be shown in chapters at the gala. Initially the idea was to show a different location in each chapter, but after listening to so many stories and reactions, it was clear that no matter where this stand was set up, the reactions and stories are universal. It was decided to separate it out into a chapter for setting it up, a chapter for the conversation, and a final chapter highlighting that talk = prevention.
This went on to win a Comcast Spotlight Award / Best in Public Service Addy.

Baltimore Child Abuse Center / Storyfarm
 Creative, Editor

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